Congratulations, Stephanie Krueger, July Employee of the Month!

Springfield, Ohio, July 2019 – Congratulations to Stephanie Krueger! Our July 2019 Residential Employee of the Month! Stephanie is an energetic, kindhearted, selfless individual. She not only offers more than her fair share of time, working doubles and nearly every day of the week tirelessly, but also caters to the needs of our clients as well as our staff. She is a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a safe place for our kids. She advocates for our clients fiercely, especially when they are in their darkest places and exhibiting behaviors designed to push individuals away. She ensures that the client’s needs are met whether that means they are completing their laundry, eating their dinner, receiving phone calls, or having a hard day and need someone to talk to. She is hard at work even when the clients go to bed ensuring that they have a clean, safe environment by washing towels/clothes, mopping the bathrooms, and cleaning the kitchen. She is willing to work on any cottage and any shift. Regardless of which cottage she is on you always get the same care, the same level of involvement, and the same great work ethic. Whether you see her at the start of a shift or after 16 hours pulling a last minute double you’ll always find her engaged, working hard, sporting a big smile and offering you a cup of coffee. Thank you, Stephanie for all that you do. Every kid deserves someone as caring and devoted as you. Only a few are lucky enough to receive it and that is why you are a valued member of the Oesterlen team!! You are appreciated!

Submitted by Sarah Johnson, Coordinator of Residential Services