December Employee of the Month Jowana Belle

Jowana started Oesterlen in August of 1995, yes folks that is 24 years!  Jowana has a lot of experience as a youth leader because she has worked with the many different populations Oesterlen has served over the years. She has worked on all residential units through the years and also worked as a transporter in our transportation department. Jowana brings a calmness to the units that she works. She has been involved in many crisis situations but is always able to keep her calmness about her in those times. When asked for words to describe her these were just a few: wise, hardworking, strong leadership skills, amazing, dependable, sweet, has the ability to adapt, and to be compassionate.

Jowana has mastered the right amount of compassion, appropriate boundaries and fun which makes her a consistent role model on any unit she walks on.

Sarah Johnson, Coordinator of Residential Services