Local Artist Lends Success to Mixed Media Project!

This summer Oesterlen had the opportunity to work with a local artist to learn about Mixed Media art.  The local artist worked specifically with young women in our Residential Treatment Program, examining how art enables you to explore each unique aspect of your personality and talents. The Mixed media process is a very free and exciting process, providing Oesterlen youth to truly connect with their artwork.

The young women were able to combine skills in the wood shop by making wood panels for their canvas. The process then moved forward creating what is call an underpainting using various mediums. Clients were able to scribble with pencil and pastel, paint, splatter, scrape paint away, collage and create texture using modeling clay. Once the underpaintings were done, clients chose a subject for their piece and each individual product was AMAZING. 

We at Oesterlen are so proud not only with the work that these young women put into creating beautiful pieces of art, but also with how eager they were to learn from the artist. They loved her and were very sad to see her go, but they will always have this amazing memory and these beautiful pieces to be proud of!