Oesterlen Announces Re-Accreditation from Council on Accreditation

Springfield, Ohio January 2020 – Oesterlen is excited to announce that it has been re-accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).  This prestigious achievement comes after countless hours of hard work by dedicated staff.  This re-accreditation is the agency’s most notable, with 872 out of 878 Standards rated Fully or Substantially Implemented—a 99% Rating.

Regulators use COA accreditation as an oversight tool, setting the bar for quality service delivery.  In the case of Oesterlen, COA monitors national and state laws that relate to the provision of services to children and youth. Oesterlen has shown through the years that it maintains outstanding services by following the standards that COA has established.  Establishing and maintaining accreditation is an ongoing process that evolves as laws, rules and standards in treatment change.  Oesterlen has been accredited and re-accredited five times throughout the past fifteen years. 

The Council on Accreditation recognized Oesterlen for multiple organizational strengths, however the recurring theme was passion among staff for their work.  Across all program areas and departments, Oesterlen staff were recognized for dedication and being advocates for the children, youth and families that are served.  Among the most highly praised was Treatment Foster Care, Community Counseling Center, the Life Skills Center, the Residential Treatment Center, Service Coordination and Intensive Home Based Treatment. Oesterlen received resounding, high praise from outside funding bodies.

Oesterlen is proud of this impressive accomplishment and thanks all in the community for the support in order to achieve this goal.

*To view the abbreviated report and statistics, please open the .PDF below.