Oesterlen Introduces New Logo!

Springfield, Ohio January 2020 – Oesterlen is exited to announce its new brand mark and logo. Starting in January 2020 the agency will roll out the new look beginning with an updated website and moving forward with increased activity to raise awareness for the critical, mental health and trauma informed care provided to children, youth and adults.

The new logo, intended to communicate perseverance, confidence and guidance is at the heart of all that Oesterlen pursues.  A Guiding Light, this mark is radiating the potential of all people. It seeks to present Oesterlen as a guiding light for individuals in need of mental, social, physical, or spiritual guidance. The many hands joined together conveys the strength of Oesterlen’s support system.

Oesterlen is thrilled to share this new logo with our local community and supporters. We look forward to sharing the story of Oesterlen in new and exciting ways as we move forward in service to children, youth and adults.