Oesterlen Fair

The County Fair came to Oesterlen. Projects were submitted, judged and students were given place ribbons and 4H pins.

Oesterlen Services For Youth, Inc., worked in conjunction with OSU Extension Agent Patty House to develop Oesterlen Acres 4H Club.  The Oesterlen Acres 4H Club Fair was held on September 20th, 2016.  

The youth of Oesterlen painted pumpkins, created art projects, bottle rockets, along with finishing their woodworking projects.  Each youth tested their skills set for goats.  This meant to identify five parts of the goat, identify the feed content on a feed back and identify a variety of goats.  And finally, the Oesterlen 4H Goats were shown in the barn.  Moo, Amelia, Spaz and Peanut Butter were led into the ring by the youth and they judged for their skills.  

4H Rosette ribbons and 4H pins were given to the participants in the fair. 

OSU Extension assisted with a grant to underwrite the Oesterlen Acres 4H Club.

It was a great day.