The Fence Line is Being Cleared

“Knox to Go” group, a group of 120 youth from Knox Presbyterian Church in Naperville Illinois spent a week in Springfield.  This group partners with Wittenberg University who provide housing.  The group makes arrangements with various agencies who have projects to work on. This year, Oesterlen, Project Women, Interfaith Hospitality were just a few of the organizations that benefited from these young people.  The 10 youth and 2 adults who came to Oesterlen provided several days of labor in clearing a fence line. The fenceline was thick with brush.  The youth and adults worked diligently to clear the brush and “clean” the fenceline.  Oseterlen staff hauled the brush away.

Two mini-horses, recent gifts to Oesterlen, Princess Bubblegum and Buddy now have a pasture for grazing. The mini horses are therapy animals with the community counseling center youth and the residents of Oesterlen.

The two-year vision is to build a “proper” barn. Oesterlen has recently received a $5,000 grant from Mental Health Rehabilitation Foundation to go towards the building of the barn.  Contributions may be made toward this effort. Donate funds through the “donate now’ button on the website.  The first task to clear the fence line is now complete.  The property is well poised for continued site preparation.