Therapy Garden is Complete

The Therapy Garden is now Complete with water feature featuring the metal work by George Woods.  The logo is cut into a 3-D metal feature water fountain. “It really brings the logo to life,” Pastor Kinnunen stated.  There are separate areas for sitting and resting. Take a moment to listen to the chorus of birds singing for joy. 

The Therapy Garden was the brain child of Clinical Director Adam Sorensen.  The funding partner was Community Health Foundation. The youth worked with therapists and staff on building the Gazebo, the raised beds, planting the plants, and moving the mulch. The process of creating the Therapy Garden was therapeutic for youth, therapists and the administrative staff joined in the process.  Now the garden is therapeutic in providing a pleasant atmosphere for individual contemplation and group processing. 

The Therapy Garden is an excellent addition to the LIfe Skills Center where the youth develop skills that will assist them in life.