Serving Youth and Families Since 1903

Since its founding in 1903, Oesterlen’s single objective has been to serve children and their loved ones. We are a mental health treatment and social services agency serving youth and families. Our full range of services includes residential mental health treatment, foster care, outpatient counseling, in-home programs, and in-school programs.

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Mission Statement

On behalf of the church, in witness to Christ, this agency’s mission is to serve children in need from infancy through transition into adulthood and to promote their mental, social, physical, and spiritual well being. To carry out this mission, Oesterlen is dedicated to promoting healthy families and utilizing the highest possible standards within the professional fields of our service. The provision of services by this agency shall be consistent with its mission, and all person shall have equal access to such services and to employment by the agency in accord with all applicable affirmative action and equal opportunity policies.

Our Legacy and Heritage

Oesterlen began as an orphanage in 1903. Since the mid-1950s, we have been a mental health treatment center for emotionally, behaviorally, and psychologically troubled children and youth.

Today, we offer a full range of services, including residential and outclient community services programs.

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